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Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer fails to render competent professional service to a client and the client is damages as a result of the failure. The three major theories of liability are negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. To prove malpractice, i.e., to establish your lawyer's liability, you must prove that your lawyer owed you a duty to represent you competently, that he or she made a mistake or otherwise breached the duty owed to you, and that your lawyer's mistake harmed you, causing you damages. Additionally, you must file your lawsuit within the statutory time period or "statute of limitations" established by state law for legal malpractice claims. Please read on to find a legal malpractice lawyer, attorney or access more information.

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Ask a Lawyer - Legal Malpractice Law questions answered by leading lawyers
What is the process when I was not represented in court by Family Law attorney?
As I have heard divorces take sometimes years, my lasted 4. I received noticed from the courts that I was divorced, never did my attorneys advised me or made me aware of upcoming court dates. They did not respond to phone calls from Guardian Ad Litem, nor my ex attorneys. For four years I had to call them, never they called me. Finally after receiving the news that I was divorced and never had a day in court they tried to reopen the case but it was too late. I lost a lot! Nothing was being done for me, and had to hire new attorney. Is there anything I could do?
is your lawyer supposed to give the da info that could damage your case
Please call so much to type
69 yer old cancer survivor sued for fabricated frivolous cause
I have an attorney but need second opinion. I still work (at UM) and my health suffers since two years ago a trespasser was bitten by my dog - he found a contingency lawyer - who wants to take everything I have, no damage - I could not settle with them, I would not have what they want but it costs me a lot , now two years of legal cost, fear how long it will take - it may kill me. I am suicidal out of despair - is there no provision to protect an elderly person by being able to go to the judge - my attorney says I cannot get a summary judgement since they have a pile of transparent lies - - I will have no money left. It is a frivolous lawsuit but the legal system does not seem to have anything to protect people like me against predators. These people - the unemployed son of my former gardener and his contingency lawyer just singled me out as an act of extortion - the lawyer of the plaintiff is one of the Miami Mayors looking only for a share of money they hope to get
How can a lawyer ask for you to conform to something that is an infringement on your civil rights
We have already submitted a hair follicle test to prove said allegations were untrue.Now we are ask to do it again under different circumstances.The opposing lawyer said she does not feel as the medical facility identified client properly.She now wants to pick,pay,and receive medical records. We declined due to her influence on different matters in the past.Now our lawyer has withdrawn from the case due to breech in his contract that we did not do as he requested.
My divorce lawyer will not answer questions and wants more money
I hired a divorce lawyer. He was to do the paper work and go to court for me for a flat fee. I need to change one number in the papers and he is trying to charge me $275 more. I ask questions and he makes inappropriate comments back with no legal validity to my case. Its uncomfortable and inappropriate and he has not done anything legally for me yet. This has been going on for over a month now. How can I get a refund or sue for misconduct.
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