Legal Malpractice

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Suing Your Lawyer

Sometimes lawyers make mistakes. If your attorney really screws up your case, you may consider suing for legal malpractice. Before You Sue If ...Read more

Legal Malpractice FAQ

Can I ask my lawyer for a copy of the settlement check?How can I challenge my attorney's expense reports?How do I find out if a lawyer has been disciplined?How do I get a...Read more

Understand Your Bill for Legal Serv...

Like any professional, lawyers get paid for their expertise. This doesn't mean that it's always easy to understand the way they bill clients for the work they do. ...Read more

Legal Malpractice

Lawyers' & Clients' Responsibilities to Each Other

All lawyers are subject to strict standards of professional responsibility. These standards are set forth in codes of conduct and Privileges, ethics, rules of professional conduct that are established by state bar associations. Although the rules will vary from state to state. Professional Responsibilities Here are some basic ethical and professional rules your lawyer must follow. Y... Read More

Additional Legal Malpractice Topics

Additional Legal Malpractice Topics