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I am not sure your question falls under legal malpractice as  much as it does under lawyer ethics. If you feel your lawyer charged an unreasonable fee for the services, you have the time guy to f ...Read more

First, your Dad will need to retain a lawyer to review this. Second, it is clear that the transaction did not leave your father homeless though it may have left you or decendants homeless since once y ...Read more

This is not malpractice.  It might not be the most efficient way to work, but you can change lawyers.  A complaint about fees goes to fee arbitration or a lawsuit.  It is not a malpract ...Read more

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Were You a Victim of Legal Malpractice?

Montana Lawyer Innocent of Malpractice for Alleged Welfare Benefit Advice

Question: Do I have recourse against an attorney for giving me bad legal advice? Question Detail: I asked my attorney if under it is okay to gift money (amount allowable by IRS) and still be able to g ... Read more

Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Legal Malpractice Gets Fees

Divorce lawyer Susan Chana Lask explains disgorging fees in legal malpractice. A lawyer’s breach of fiduciary duty alleged in a Legal Malpractice case refunds lega ... Read more

Court Holds That Pro Se Legal Malpractice Complaint Tolls Statute of Limitations

Does A Pro Se Malpractice Complaint Toll The Statute of Limitations?  H and H DEVELOPMENT, LLC v. Ramlow, 2012 MT 51 – Mont: Supreme Court 2012 – Google Scholar:  This is an unus ... Read more

Terminating the Representation in Illinois

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