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Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer fails to render competent professional service to a client and the client is damages as a result of the failure. The three major theories of liability are negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. To prove malpractice, i.e., to establish your lawyer's liability, you must prove that your lawyer owed you a duty to represent you competently, that he or she made a mistake or otherwise breached the duty owed to you, and that your lawyer's mistake harmed you, causing you damages. Additionally, you must file your lawsuit within the statutory time period or "statute of limitations" established by state law for legal malpractice claims. Please read on to find a legal malpractice lawyer, attorney or access more information.

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Lawyer Fee Arbitration
If we take our lawyer in for Fee Arbitration, who pays for the Arbitrators time? Also, if we live in Portland, but said lawyer is in Yakima, is that where the hearing must take place?
Can I hire a lawyer in Montana to sue a lawyer in Washington State?
I live in Montana and want to sue my bankruptcy lawyer in Washington State. Can I use a lawyer in Montana or do I need one in Washington?
My attorney sent my settlement check to the wrong address and it was stolen and deposited then withd
Who is liable? My attorney or the bank?
my bankruptcy attorney didn't file a deed in lieu of foreclose in our 2012 bankruptcy and we have be
Our attorney told us we were not liable for the debt on our loan that was included in our bankruptcy even after I contacted him and told him that another lender bought our bankrupt loan and was refusing to acknowledge that it was included in our bankruptcy. A deed in lieu of foreclosure was never done and our attorney never informed us that one was need. The mortgage company that bought our loan was reporting us 120+ days late on the mortgage for 2 years before we realized what had happened. Most bankruptcy attorneys would know that a deed in lieu of foreclose was needed in our case. What can I do to be compensated for the damage caused to us by this attorney.
A lawyer had had my mothers death insurance claim for almost 12 years. He keeps telling me it will b
My mothers insurance company tried to deny honoring my mothers death benefits bc of a late payment. A lawyer took the case close to 12 years ago and pretends he is working on it. For years now when I call him he has me to come to his office and talks small talk around the case telling me he has the file at home but it is coming to a settlement any moment now. I know he is hiding something and there is major cause for investigation. Negligence or else something is fishy.
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