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Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer fails to render competent professional service to a client and the client is damages as a result of the failure. The three major theories of liability are negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. To prove malpractice, i.e., to establish your lawyer's liability, you must prove that your lawyer owed you a duty to represent you competently, that he or she made a mistake or otherwise breached the duty owed to you, and that your lawyer's mistake harmed you, causing you damages. Additionally, you must file your lawsuit within the statutory time period or "statute of limitations" established by state law for legal malpractice claims. Please read on to find a legal malpractice lawyer, attorney or access more information.

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Ask a Lawyer - Legal Malpractice Law questions answered by leading lawyers
My divorce attorney is suing me for legal fees, I beleive they are outrages for the service provided
Divorce attorney retained 9/19/11. retainer used within 13 days. no communication and no response to my request for updates from 2/11 - 10/11. Told me not to worry about fees many times after that as I often expressed concern. In no way zealously represented me and many times allowed my husbands lawyer to bully me. Decides to withdraw from my case 4 months from final hearing without any explanation. Decides to continue a month and half later again with no explanation. Tells me not to attend hearing that my husbands attorney told him to attend. Requested a continuance on my case without my knowledge or approval. my husbands attorney, who did alot of work for him, totla charges were 26K. My attorney's charges were 70K. I made an offer to settle for a total of 30K of which 20,350.00 had already been paid. Sent in 1st pmt with "as per agreement" written on it in the memo section, he depsited the check. 2nd pmt sent, my lawyer returned it - saying does not agree. Now suing me
where would i look for a lawyer to fight my case of malpractice that caused the death of my daughter
In February of 2014 I gave birth to my daughter. I had a lawyer look at my case. It took month after they got part of my medical records to say there is nothing they can do. I feel that the hospital pulled important info from my medical records. They misdiagnosed me for a whole and a half. At this point my lawyer told me to find a new lawyer. Where do I start?
Need help on what to do about my doctor malpractice.
I am the daughter of Edna Shepherd. She does not have access to computer. Mrs. Edna needs for you to call her at 270-274-5966 to see what she needs to do and if she has a case.
What do I do if my lawyer isn't doing his job?
I hired my lawyer and paid a retainer fee for him to assitance me in filing for a divorce. He hasn't done much on my case what so ever and won't email me back or return my calls. Will I get some of my retainer fee back and what steps should I take on firing him?
MY lawyer was declared a witness in my homewoner insurance claim and did not inform me of my rights
My attorney was made a witness and and deposed twice in my homeowners insurance claim case. He failed to inform me of my rights to hire another firm and did not offer a consent form. Then in the end of the case, he bailed a few days before trial when the insurance company threatened him, which caused the loss of the case. He billed me $477K during the case and was paid $345K, most of which was after he was declared a witness. He is now suing for the balance in a cross complaint fro malpractice. My current attorney is very ill and can not continue. If I do not find another lawyer, I will have to either pay him for what he did to me or file bankruptcy.
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