Can I sue for negligence ?

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So part of the reason I am sick and going through so much is due to a nurses negligence.. After one of my surgeries, I woke up in a lot of pain and screaming..I was thought to be a drug addict just wanting pain medicine. My heart rate and blood pressure were spiking. I was put in ICU for the day. I kept telling the day nurse what was wrong. I was unable to urinate. I threw up because of the pain. My mother was told that it was the anesthetic. I have never threw up before and had a few surgeries. I told my mom what was going on. The nurse came in my ICU room and tells my mom and that they were going to have to send me home because my "insurance" would not pay for me to be there. I still cried out for help, telling them what was wrong but the nurse still refused to help. Instead, they make me walk the unit and then sit me in a rocking chair for a couple hours. THANKFULLY, I had a nurse come on shift. She saw my heart rates and my blood pressure and immediately knew something was wrong.
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Because of the costs involved, most lawyers will not file a medical malpractice lawsuit unless the patient suffers a permanent impairment.  Merely suffering some pain and suffering is not enough to justify a medical malpractice lawsuit


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The vast majority of attorneys act ethically and diligently representing the interests of their clients. But what happens when you hire a lawyer who has a conflict of interest, makes errors in your representation, is negligent or breaches his or her fiduciary duty? In those instances, you may have grounds for a legal malpractice complaint or lawsuit. Law firms that represent the victims of legal malpractice can help you file a complaint with your state's lawyer registration and disciplinary commission, while also filing a civil lawsuit against your former attorney.
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