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Is there a statute of limitations on filing a law suit against an attorney ?

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Ireceived a speeding ticket in serpt 2008 and hired an attorney to represent me . she failed to go to court for me and i was convicted of speediong and of failure to appear .
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Answered on Mar 01st, 2012 at 12:21 PM

In Washington State, the Statute of Limitations for legal malpractice cases is three years. In general, a client has three years from the date the legal malpractice occurs to file a lawsuit against the lawyer.

The calculation of the Statute of Limitations is often much more complicated than simply adding three years to the date the malpractice occurred. For example, in many cases, the attorney continues to represent the client long after the malpractice occurs. In some cases, the attorney conceals the malpractice from the client. Often, the client will not learn of the malpractice until long after three years has elapsed. The law provides for additional time in some of these circumstances.

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