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my attorney in a wrongful death case surrendered his license and quit practicing law due to irreversible brain illness. He passed away

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I appealed after I lost at trial with another attorney due to the deceased attorney's malpractice. I appealed within the Florida two year statute of limitations (95.11). I the sued the law firm Pro Se, My case was dismissed. . I would like to speak to an attorney to discuss the dismissal.
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Answered on Jan 31st, 2017 at 7:27 AM

Esssshhhhh.......thats the problem with Pro-se case handling, 99% of the litigant think they are the 1% that can actually do so effectively. At this phase you would probably need to retain a lawyer to review what all has transpired and likely have to pay out  of pocket for a retainer to get an actual review beyond "thanks - not interested, but I wish you luck."



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