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Understand Your Bill for Legal Services
Like any professional, lawyers get paid for their expertise. However, with many lawyers charging hundreds of dollars per hour, legal bills can quickly add up. To avoid major sticker shock and fee disputes down the road, it helps to understand how your lawyer will charge you, what your bill will look ... Read more

How Do I Get a New Lawyer?
Clients are generally free to change lawyers at any time. (Although, if you are about to begin a trial in your case, a judge may refuse to allow you to switch lawyers.) However, there are some drawbacks to doing so. First, it may take extra time for your new lawyer to get up to speed in your case. Second, ... Read more

My Lawyer Isn't Returning My Phone Calls. What Can I Do?
A lawyer’s lack of communication is one of the most common complaints by clients. Often times, communication issues are the result of the lawyer’s busy schedule or failure to set proper expectations on how soon you can expect a response. In these cases, the lawyer might be working on your case regularly, ... Read more

What If I Dispute My Lawyer’s Fees and Costs?
Your lawyer should give you a breakdown of all fees, costs, and other expenses taken out of your settlement or award. If you have questions about any deductions, ask your lawyer to explain what the charge was for. Your lawyer should also give you copies of invoices, bills, and receipts for relevant charges, ... Read more

Can I Report My Lawyer to a Disciplinary Board?
Each state has its own ethical rules that lawyers must follow, usually called the “rules of professional conduct.” In most states, these rules are broader than the standard of care in a legal malpractice case. This means that, even if your lawyer hasn’t committed malpractice, your lawyer might ... Read more

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You need to hire a real estate lawyer now that you should have hired long ago. If you don't you will likely face eviction in the immediate future whcih will likely cost even more to address.  ...Read more

Change lawyers and sue for your money back.  Depending on the amount, that will govern the court to use.

Well this will be a pickle as you will sue lawyer for not paying medicare and then you will get sued for the money that you got in the settlement back that you shouldn't have recieved  - because ...Read more

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Were You a Victim of Legal Malpractice?

Montana Lawyer Innocent of Malpractice for Alleged Welfare Benefit Advice

Question: Do I have recourse against an attorney for giving me bad legal advice? Question Detail: I asked my attorney if under it is okay to gift money (amount allowable by IRS) and still be able to g ... Read more

Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Legal Malpractice Gets Fees

Divorce lawyer Susan Chana Lask explains disgorging fees in legal malpractice. A lawyer’s breach of fiduciary duty alleged in a Legal Malpractice case refunds lega ... Read more

Court Holds That Pro Se Legal Malpractice Complaint Tolls Statute of Limitations

Does A Pro Se Malpractice Complaint Toll The Statute of Limitations?  H and H DEVELOPMENT, LLC v. Ramlow, 2012 MT 51 – Mont: Supreme Court 2012 – Google Scholar:  This is an unus ... Read more

Terminating the Representation in Illinois

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