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Can i force a refund from an attorney I paid who has not held his end of a contract even if the contract says non refundable?

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Contract stated lawyer will handle the case and represent until the end. As soon as the money was paid he disappeared for several months and also did not communicate with client nor court system. The contract stated the he would do several things (which he has done none) it has now been over a year since he has been hired and nothing has been done with the case. I wold like to know the quickest and easiest route to getting my $5000 back so I can hire a new lawyer before time runs out or my option
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Answered on Mar 27th, 2017 at 4:10 PM

Contact the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility which regulates attorneys.

If you would like to contact me personally by either phone or email, you may do so as follows: Patrick Johnson, Johnson, Scruggs & Barfield, 95 White Bridge Road, S. 508, Nashville, Tennessee, 37205, email:; Cell: 615-646-9417; Office: 615-352-8326

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The vast majority of attorneys act ethically and diligently representing the interests of their clients. But what happens when you hire a lawyer who has a conflict of interest, makes errors in your representation, is negligent or breaches his or her fiduciary duty? In those instances, you may have grounds for a legal malpractice complaint or lawsuit. Law firms that represent the victims of legal malpractice can help you file a complaint with your state's lawyer registration and disciplinary commission, while also filing a civil lawsuit against your former attorney.
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