Can I sue her and which attorney to use?

Asked on Sep 14th, 2017 on Legal Malpractice - New York
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I have a recording where my ex admits that he took ALL the furniture out of the apartment after I left. He framed me that I did it, made a police report and filed for full custody in the Brooklyn Supreme Court. He accused me of stealing furniture and kidnapping our son and he didn't know where we were. The judge got angry and took custody away from me. That is a complete lie as we did speak that same day. I have a recording of him admitting that he paid a neighbor to take out the furniture and that he did it. It was 3 year case and he bribed and threatened all my lawyers. As a result, I have split custody and had to agree to ALL his terms just to settle and close the case I have a recording of also him admitting that the other side (him) paid my attorney to make me sign the stipulation that I agree to split custody and that he took out that furniture. Also can I sue the lawyers and my ex for these illegal acts of lying to the court, bribing my attorney and deceiving the police?
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