How do I contest attorney fees? I hired an attorney to file a motion in court, but although we were to meet 30 min. prior to court, he spent entire

Asked on Feb 21st, 2017 on Legal Malpractice - Tennessee
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time with another client and unavailable during court. He was completely unprepared and only said a one sentence please, and that was it. After court, he was apologetic and told me specifically that the court session barely used my retainer and he "would work on it." Meantime, he charges me extortion level amounts to hear him talk about himself, on and on. I was clueles. If his assistant asked him to call me, he charged unbelievable amounts. He misrepresented and lied, charging me for EVERYTHING and wont provide specifics. Last case before retirement. He used me as a cash cow, knowing I have no money. I can't pay rent and I can't pay him and now charging interest. Sleazy and shouldn't be legal. He took advantage of me.
Answered on Feb 21st, 2017 at 11:10 PM
You can file a complaint with the Tennessee Board Of Professional Responsibility which oversees attorneys.
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