How do I prevent my ex and his attorney from harassment and collusion?

Asked on Jul 31st, 2017 on Legal Malpractice - Florida
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I have been separated for 5 years, filed divorce in May, 2013, finalized in March 2015. I was left with the sole care of our daughter and nothing else. The ex and atty., have made a game of taking me to court on a regular basis, many times a year, for irreverent matters. Our daughter is used by her father to ask about me and what I am doing, and then, wham, I am back in Court. He thinks I got my SSDI back pay, I didn't. He thinks I inherited money, I did not. Our daughter is suicidal. I have no money, my widowed mom has shelled out $80,000 in care of the two of us, shelter, utility expenses, and legal fees over these years, and is out of money. She is 80 years old, lives in a meager pension and social security. I am awaiting disability. Court assisted harassment for certain. Help! I recently moved away after my daughter graduated US. Still summoned back to Indiana from FL.
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Answered on Aug 06th, 2017 at 10:06 AM
You don't. Your ex and his lawyer will by definition "collude" against you. While cries of "collusion" feed the media in politics, they do little or nothing in family law proceedings. Unfortunately, your opponent is person you chose to marry and have achild with, and that is something you will have to contend with until she is an adult and the family law issues expire. At that point they will simply be family squabbles and you can ignore those as you choose. There are no "short cuts" or" I doan wanna" defenses until then so you will simply have to deal with the controvery. 

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