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Asked on Jan 11th, 2017 on Legal Malpractice - Wisconsin
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I recently got a public defender not even close to where i live. I'm being chargd w/a bogus charge. Disorderly conduct my soon to be ex husband n his fiancé claimed I threw rocks at their vehicle. I did none of the sort. The reason they are claiming this is bc they owe me $ that I borrowed them. There was no proof or evidence so I got charged w/a dc. When I first talked to my att he said he askd the da to dismiss the charges if I paid restitution. The da agreed only if I paid up front. The pics the officers took showd nothing, so there for whtevr claim of rest. we wld appeal or something of the sort n take it trial. He even said he wantd me to take it to trial for the reason I hd a good case bc this claim I threw rocks was proof! Now my att. Story chngd he wants me 2 plead to non crim. N pay a fine. I dnt believe he has ever been a public defender before so he didn't know how to play the game to get innocent! Y can't I be?why dc is this the way the state pays emp
Answered on Jan 12th, 2017 at 5:46 AM
If you don't believe your current attorney is properly representing you, consider hiring your own private criminal defense attorney to complete your case and substitute the current public defender for your own private lawyer. Look for an experienced criminal defense attorney. You should also be aware that just because the public defender is recommending that you plead to a lesser charge, that doesn't necessarily mean they are not properly representing you or committing legal malpractice. You have to consider what may happen if you take the case to trial and should lose, and what you might be facing as a criminal conviction with monetary penalties and possible incarceration. Like any case, you have to weigh the benefits of settlement v taking the risk and going to trial.
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