My Dad's lawyer was also the lawyer of Larry Maddox. At the time, my Dad's vision was very bad. He wasnt able to see well enough to see. The lawyer,

Asked on Jan 14th, 2017 on Legal Malpractice - Florida
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cont....John Cooper told my Dad that it just said Larry Maddox's grandchild was renting the home. It WAS NOT!! It said Larry Maddox was the new owner but my Dad could still love there, but if he passed away, it became Larry Maddox's automatically. Yet my DAD had been paying the mortgage. Is there someway my Dad can get Larry Maddox back off. Or at LEAST get all of his money back that he has paid since the "RENTAL" started. Also, John Cooper should be disbarred for representing my Dad AND Larry Maddox against one another. And taking advantage of an elderly man and leaving him homeless.
Answered on Jan 20th, 2017 at 5:43 AM
First, your Dad will need to retain a lawyer to review this. Second, it is clear that the transaction did not leave your father homeless though it may have left you or decendants homeless since once your father passes the property is fully owned by someone else. This is often done for finaicial reasons. What is equally clear is the explanation you provide "rented by a grandchild" makes zero sense if your father continued to live in the house and no grnadchild moved in. This needs an independent review to figure out what ACTUALLY occured and then what to do about it. 
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