When should I file a complaint with the bar?

Asked on Jul 06th, 2016 on Legal Malpractice - Utah
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My attorney has disregarded my specific instructions on at least 4 different occasions (which I have documented). This resulted in thousands of dollars in fees. He bills me sporadically, with interest added, even though I pay promptly. Billing is vague, like “previous balance,” or “work on case,” or “misc.” I have to request information multiple times before I get answers, and sometimes he doesn’t answer at all. When I finally did find out what the bill was for it was for work I had paid for a year ago, time spent billing me, and time spent answering my questions about billing. He will not produce a fee agreement.
Answered on Jul 07th, 2016 at 7:27 AM
I am certainly sorry to hear of your difficulties, particularly as they have to do with problems with an attorney. There are time limits that apply, which are dependent on when you learned of the various problems or inappropriate actions. You should file any complaint as soon as possible after the event. But, understand that a bar complaint is not a claim for malpractice, and will not award you any potential damages that you have suffered. To obtain money, or other damages, you will need to file a malpractice lawsuit. Should you want to discuss that option, I offer a free initial 1/2 hour consultation. David R. Hartwig 801-486-1715
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