why I can not get an attorney to help me with a case concerning my husband who fell out of bed while a patient in the hospital. He had a stroke.

Asked on Jun 26th, 2016 on Legal Malpractice - Tennessee
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On February 12th 2016; my husband who was a patient in a hospital fell out of bed and no nurses or attendants was around to see the fall. He was admitted because he had a brain stem stroke followed by a massive heart attack and seizures. He had another small tumor on the brain also which could cause him to have mini strokes or seizures which was noted in his file. He was paralyzed had a tracheae in his throat and on a ventilator. He had a peg in his stomach which was how he was being fed. He was a high risk fall patient. They had him on a blue plastic pad which the assistants used to turn him and sometimes he would slip off the plastic pad because the plastic pad was on a plastic mattress which I voiced my concerns to the nurses about his probability of falling out of the bed with plastic against plastic and he kept slipping down and they had to constantly pull him up. Before the fall he was responding with signals which I have proof. After the fall he got worst and now he is dead..
Answered on Jun 26th, 2016 at 3:06 PM
The difficulty that you are having in finding an attorney to get involved is that you husband had many health problems that were not related to the fall out of the bed. While you seem to say that the fall caused his death, what proof do you have?
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