wife had stroke, ambulance took her to hospital, not treated at hospital. Have comprehensive insurance that covers everything. no explanation given.

Asked on Dec 25th, 2016 on Legal Malpractice - Florida
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wife got a punctured and collapse lung at hospital, became paralyzed at hospital, necrosis of left leg, blood clot of left leg as doctors told me, not treated and she died 9 days later. They buried their mistakes in a ton of paper work and lawyers are not to fond of paper work, to time consuming, as told to me by a friendly nurse.
Answered on Dec 27th, 2016 at 7:30 AM
Its not that lawyers are not fond of paperwork - but simply that like any other business we have no desire to spend tens or hundreds of hours of uncompensated time to see IF a case exists let alone devoted to an actually viable claim. The starting point for a medical malpractice issue will be for you to  insist on an autopsy, then gather ALL of the medical records and then consult with a lawyer to secure a proper medical record review to examine your concerns and determine if some medical negligence occurred. Any potential legal claim will revolve around those findings. 
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